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The Roswell Seed Company Difference

Rest assured that you have just found your reliable seeds supplier! For more than a century, Roswell Seed Company has provided seeds, plants, and vegetables and seed cleaning and processing services  to folks throughout Southeastern New Mexico. Located in Roswell, we serve communities throughout Chaves County with exceptional customer service.


On March 16, 1898, Roswell Seed Company opened thanks to brothers Walter and John B. Gill. Initially, Roswell Seed Company acted as more of a traveling produce company, with John B. Gill walking through an orchard, offering a flat rate for the apples, celery, or onions, and sealing the deal with a handshake and a silver dollar. He then sold the fruit and vegetables to customers in Oklahoma City and beyond.


In 1911, the current location for Roswell Seed Company was built. Our current shop is a few blocks from our original location and is conveniently three blocks from the center of Roswell. We welcome you to stop by!


Our business grew in popularity over the last seven years with business booming. With demand, we invested in expanding and building our warehouse for operation.


With the Great Depression in full swing, Gill needed to shift from the produce business to something else. He invested in seeds, fertilizer, and more, and became a necessity for the farmers in town.


The Roswell UFO Incident occurs. A rancher found unusual materials in his pasture and called the sheriff; the sheriff, in turn, called officials from the Roswell Army Air Force base. Shortly, soldiers arrived at the rancher’s property and gathered mysterious debris.

Jim Gill, our current owner,  lived two houses down from the sheriff. People constantly visit the shop and ask if it happened; we may never know. If you’d like to learn more about UFO sightings, Roswell Seed Company’s warehouse is near the UFO Museums! Stop by our shop and visit one of the museums if you are fearless.


At the ripe age of ten, our current owner began to work in the family business sweeping floors.


After graduating from New Mexico State University with a degree in agricultural engineering, followed by seven years at a feedlot, Jim returned home to help the family business.

Unfortunately, Jim’s father, John Gill, passed away in 2006. Jim Gill took over Roswell Seed Company and continues its legacy as a high-quality farm and seed supply store.

Our Conservation Promise

At Roswell Seed Company, we are dedicated to protecting and conserving land to the best of our abilities. Our team promotes conservation efforts throughout our community and abides by proper conservation practices to best care for our planet. If you have any questions about how to have a greener garden, farm, or lifestyle, speak with us today!

We look forward to seeing you! Visit us or contact us at 575-622-7701 today!

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